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The CALCULATOR for aluminium balcony with sliding sashes:

Overall length
 (if the balcony has the sides which should be glazed, add all the lengths together)
… L …meters   X   height … h …. meters   X   75,00 €)

This amount includes measurement, all installation works, sills and roof for balcony, handles, locks and transport in Klaipeda city.
•    This is a present price for a square meter
•    This is a price for white, brown and silver profiles. +40% for other colours
•    Removal of an old balcony (if necessary) is not included in the price, as there is a possibility to do that by you.

You can see the price for plastic five cellsbalcony in the ‘Plastic windows’ section.

The sliding plastic production price is 252.91€ for 1 m2 with mounting, sills and roof.