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The commercial activities of the company started from 1979.

We survived all the challenges and crisis which happened in the last few centuries.

We are operating regularly and consistently. We are also working with European Union countries.

Our production: windows, doors, balconies, winter gardens, terraces, porches, facades and other structures made from aluminium, plastic or glass.

The manufacturing and assembly processes of aluminium profiles started as soon as such structures were introduced to flats, semi-detached houses and mass-attendance offices.

Production from plastic is given considerable attention; therefore we can offer products with a variety of profiles, according to your preferences.

Every few years, we update our products: more recent and advanced technology is used in plastic and aluminium profiles.

As well as we research for the appropriateand advanced production that will satisfy customers’ needs.

Our manufacturing and assembly technologies are continuously improved and updated.

Our entire staff is qualified specialists in this industry.

We will provide detailed, comprehensive and useful information for interested parties.

We are confident that our production will meet your requirements, wants and invested funds, as we have a decade’s experience in construction and renovation.

We can confidently say that our manufactured and installed aluminium, plastic and glass production have made the buildings of the city more attractive as well as we have improved the welfare of our customers.

Kind regards,Edward Lisauskas